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White Rabbit with Horns | Set of 4 Coasters

White Rabbit with Horns | Set of 4 Coasters

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In this original digital artwork, an extraordinary albino rabbit with striking red eyes and a pair of tiny horns adorning its head sits amidst green foliage and three ripe strawberries. Against a backdrop as dark as midnight, this piece weaves a narrative that straddles the line between enchantment and intrigue. The albino rabbit, a symbol of unique beauty and curiosity, stands as both a sentinel and a source of fascination in this captivating scene, beckoning you to explore the boundaries of your imagination.

These striking coasters seamlessly complement an array of home decor styles. In the realm of dark cottagecore and goblincore decor, they effortlessly conjure the rustic allure of an enchanted forest, enveloping your living space in a tapestry of woodland charm. For enthusiasts of gothic home decor, this coaster set becomes a compelling centerpiece, harmonizing perfectly with the dark and romantic aesthetic. In eclectic and maximalist home decor, they serve as a captivating and unexpected focal point, infusing spaces with their unique blend of whimsy and mystery.


🌹 Set of 4 square corkwood coasters with rounded edges for a stylish touch.
🌹 High-gloss MDF top provides a sleek and sophisticated appearance.
🌹 Cork back prevents sliding, ensuring stability and surface protection.
🌹 3.75 inches x 3.75 inches, offering a perfect fit for most drinkware.
🌹 Proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality and craftsmanship.


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