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Vase of Roses

Vase of Roses

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Delight in the allure of Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece, "Vase of Roses," through this digitally enhanced fine art print. A symphony of color and form, this piece beckons you into the heart of Van Gogh's creative brilliance, offering a glimpse into the profound beauty of his floral interpretation.

Perfectly suited for those enchanted by the rustic simplicity of cottagecore, the intellectual charm of light academia, or the timeless elegance of French country aesthetics, this print adds a touch of artistry to any space. Immerse your surroundings in the evocative spirit of Van Gogh's roses, creating a captivating focal point that resonates with lovers of maximalist-inspired home decor.

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh | 1890


After purchasing a design from my shop you will immediately receive your download containing a zip file. That zip file contains 5 high quality JPEG files designed for professional printing. All files are 300 DPI minimum and each file is a different size ratio, allowing you to decide what will work best with your home décor. These are the sizes included in the download:

🌹 2:3 ratio file for printing:

> 4”x6” | 6”x9” | 8”x12” | 10”x15” | 12”x18” | 16”x24” | 20”x30”

🌹3:4 ratio file for printing:

> 6”x8” | 9”x12” | 12”x16” | 15”x20” | 18”x24”

🌹 4:5 ratio file for printing:

> 4”x5” | 8”x10” | 16”x20” | 20"x25"

🌹An ISO ratio file for printing:

> A5 / A4 / A3 / A2

🌹11:14 ratio file for printing:

> 11”x14”

⚡ The quality of prints cannot be guaranteed for sizes larger than specified above ⚡


🌹 Instantly access your purchase with this downloadable product; no physical product will be shipped.
🌹Due to adjustments for different ratio sizings, the artwork will vary from ratio size to ratio size.
🌹 Colors may vary slightly between screens and prints due to monitor and printer differences.
🌹For the best results, make sure to download the files onto a computer. If downloaded on a mobile device, the files may be compressed and will appear lower quality.


🌹 This product is designed for personal use, and we appreciate your understanding in not sharing or reselling it. Thanks for being a part of our community!


Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. We appreciate your visit 😊💕
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