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Unicorn Chic Pastel Marble | Wallet Phone Case

Unicorn Chic Pastel Marble | Wallet Phone Case

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Introducing an original faux leather flip phone case design that features a delicate yet dazzling marble pattern in soothing shades of lavender, white, and light blue, adorned with captivating gold vein accents. It's a versatile accessory that effortlessly complements a wide array of fashion aesthetics.

💎 Minimalist Chic: Elevate your style with the essence of simplicity. The serene lavender, white, and light blue marble design, punctuated by the glistening gold veins, makes this case an impeccable choice for minimalist fashion, letting your individuality shine through with sophistication.

🌈 Fairy Kei Enchantment: Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Fairy Kei with this enchanting case. The dreamy pastel hues and the touch of golden elegance add an aura of magic to your fashion, enhancing your Fairy Kei aesthetic with an element of wonder and delight.

🌟 Modern Elegance: Stay on the cutting edge of fashion with this contemporary masterpiece. The harmonious color palette and the sparkling gold veins make this case an ideal accessory for modern fashion enthusiasts, offering a sleek and stylish look that's always on-trend.

💖 Feminine Grace: For lovers of all things feminine, this case is an exquisite match. The soft lavender and pastel blue tones, coupled with the subtle glimmer of gold, exude grace and femininity, enhancing your overall look with a touch of refinement.

✨ Crafted from premium faux leather, our flip cases (folio cases) are a perfect blend of protection and functionality. The flat, elastic fastening securely closes the case, while stitched inside pockets provide convenient storage for cards and cash. With a polycarbonate inner shell, your device is shielded from everyday wear. Available for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices, these cases offer stylish and protective solutions in one 


🌹 Premium vegan leather with a flat elastic fastening and a durable polycarbonate inner shell.
🌹 Clear, open ports for seamless connectivity.
🌹 Stand feature for hands-free media viewing.
🌹 Stitched pockets for convenient storage of cards and cash.
🌹 The subject positioning may vary between phone cases due to different ratio sizing, ensuring a perfect fit for each case.


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