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Fluffy Opossum with Flowers | Hanging Pennant

Fluffy Opossum with Flowers | Hanging Pennant

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Delve into the enchanting realm of the night with this original digital painting, where a captivating opossum finds solace amidst a lush tapestry of green foliage and delicate yellow and soft pink flowers. Set against a velvety black background, this artwork crafts a compelling narrative of nocturnal beauty and mystique. The opossum, with its inquisitive countenance, stands as a sentinel of the night, and the vivid contrast of the vibrant flora against the dark exudes an aura of enchantment, inviting you to embrace the mysteries of the moonlit forest.

This charming original artwork effortlessly harmonizes with an array of home decor styles. In the realm of gothic home decor, where dark and moody aesthetics meld together, it finds its perfect niche. In the world of dark cottagecore and goblincore home decor, it seamlessly conjures the rustic allure of the forest, infusing your living space with a touch of woodland enchantment. For maximalist and eclectic interiors, it becomes an intriguing focal point, offering layers of visual depth and a hint of enchantment. And for those who hold a special affection for opossums and the mysteries of the night, this artwork serves as a unique tribute, making it the perfect addition to any space that celebrates the charm of these nocturnal creatures. This piece transcends mere decoration; it's an invitation to embrace the allure of the night while seamlessly merging with a wide range of home decor styles 🖼️💖


🌹 Crafted with lightweight and highly durable materials, each pennant offers exceptional quality.
🌹 Each pennant is thoughtfully complemented by a wooden dowel and twine frame, providing convenient hanging solutions. The dowel can be customized through staining or painting, ensuring seamless integration with your home decor aesthetics.
🌹 Available in a single size: 18" x 21" (45.7cm x 53.3cm), offering a consistent and appealing dimension.
🌹 Constructed from 100% poly twill, combining elegance with durability.
🌹 The design is printed on one side only, adding a distinctive visual element.
🌹 Designed for indoor use, combining aesthetic appeal with practical functionality.


🌹 All orders are shipped within 3-5 business days from the initial order date. Please be aware that once your package has shipped, the shipping times are out of our control and we are not responsible for missing packages.


🌹 This product is intended for personal use only. Please do not distribute to others or resell. 


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