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Eclectic Art Nouveau Gilded Frame Mockup

Eclectic Art Nouveau Gilded Frame Mockup

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The room exudes timeless charm, adorned with a decorative chandelier above and two candle sconces on either side of the golden frame, casting a warm glow. In the foreground, a silky silver armchair beckons, while on the other side, a black end table adorned with glowing candles adds a touch of enchantment. Carefully constructed with a practical 1x1 aspect ratio, our mockups seamlessly integrate into your artistic expressions, ensuring each presentation radiates authenticity, professionalism, and polished creativity. Uplift your creative vision with sophistication and style, liberating yourself from conventional boundaries and exploring the boundless opportunities our mockups offer to enrich and invigorate your artistic expressions.

Upon purchase, you will promptly receive a PDF containing links to two files: one JPEG and one PNG image file. The PNG file is canvas-free for a clean final result, while the JPEG version retains the white canvas area. Our mockups are designed on a 4000 x 4000 canvas with 375 dpi (11 inches x 11 inches), ensuring easy resizing without compromising quality. Feel free to use these versatile mockups to showcase and promote your art and designs as you see fit.


🌹 This product offers an instant download for a digital item; please note that no physical product will be shipped.
🌹 Position your artwork beneath the PNG file and customize it to suit your preferences.
🌹 Overlay your artwork onto the JPEG file, adjusting it to achieve your desired presentation.
🌹 Optimize your final mockup by saving it in JPEG format to minimize file size.
🌹 Employing advanced AI technology, a foundational image is generated and subsequently refined in Procreate to ensure optimal visual quality.


🌹 Do not sell mockups as your own.
🌹 Do not give the mockups away for free.


Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. We appreciate your visit 😊💕

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