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Crow's Twilight Sonata | Hanging Pennant

Crow's Twilight Sonata | Hanging Pennant

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Enter the captivating realm of original artwork with this striking fine art print, where every brushstroke breathes life into a scene of mysterious beauty. Rich with a color palette spanning from deep blacks and purples to delicate pinks and muted reds, this piece sets the stage for an enigmatic display. At its heart, a majestic black crow perches atop a decorative vase, its piercing gaze adding an element of intrigue to the ethereal ambiance. Within the vessel, a curious bouquet of pink and muted purple flowers, intertwined with unusual botanical branches, invites you to explore its whimsical charm. As the backdrop, a moody forest emerges, with tall tree trunks stretching into the dusky sky, while the foreground bursts with the lush abundance of nature, completing the captivating tableau.

Embrace the dark allure of this enchanting fabric pennant and let it become the focal point of your interior decor. Ideal for accentuating the ambiance of dark cottagecore, gothic-inspired spaces, or witchy-themed rooms, this versatile piece seamlessly integrates into various maximalist decor aesthetics. Whether it graces the walls of a cozy reading nook, adds a mysterious touch to a gothic bedroom retreat, or infuses a maximalist living area with enchanting charm, this print adds depth and character to any space it graces.


🌹 Crafted with lightweight and highly durable materials, each pennant offers exceptional quality.
🌹 Each pennant is thoughtfully complemented by a wooden dowel and twine frame, providing convenient hanging solutions. The dowel can be customized through staining or painting, ensuring seamless integration with your home decor aesthetics.
🌹 Available in a single size: 18" x 21" (45.7cm x 53.3cm), offering a consistent and appealing dimension.
🌹 Constructed from 100% poly twill, combining elegance with durability.
🌹 The design is printed on one side only, adding a distinctive visual element.
🌹 Designed for indoor use, combining aesthetic appeal with practical functionality.


🌹 All orders are shipped within 3-5 business days from the initial order date. Please be aware that once your package has shipped, the shipping times are out of our control and we are not responsible for missing packages.


🌹 This product is intended for personal use only. Please do not distribute to others or resell. 


Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. We appreciate your visit 😊💕

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