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A Vase of Flowers | Ruled Line Spiral Notebook

A Vase of Flowers | Ruled Line Spiral Notebook

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Indulge your senses in the timeless elegance of our ruled line spiral notebook, featuring a cover adorned with a digitally enhanced and thoughtfully altered version of Margareta Haverman's "A Vase of Flowers." Picture a canvas that whispers the language of subdued enchantment โ€“ where whites, reds, cool browns, and pinks seamlessly weave together, creating a captivating symphony of colors. Delicate flowers and blue-green foliage emerge with grace, inviting you into a tranquil garden of artistic wonder. The scene unfolds on a dark background, adding depth and mystery to the composition, while red and green grapes on the table beside the vase introduce a playful touch, making every glance at this notebook a delightful exploration of intricate details.

As you open the notebook, you step into a world where artistic inspiration meets practicality. The ruled lines inside provide structure for your thoughts and ideas, ensuring that your creativity flows seamlessly across the pages. Whether you're jotting down notes, sketching, or simply letting your imagination roam free, this notebook becomes a haven for your expressions. The sturdy spiral binding guarantees durability, allowing you to flip through your creations effortlessly.


๐ŸŒน118 ruled line pages (59 sheets)
๐ŸŒนRobustly crafted with a printed front cover for durability.
๐ŸŒนElegant dark grey back cover.


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