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Vintage CottageCore | Procreate Stamp Brushes

Vintage CottageCore | Procreate Stamp Brushes

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Step into the captivating realm of the cottage core aesthetic with this Procreate brush pack, presenting 137 unique stamps designed to evoke the charm of simple living, farm life, vintage allure, romantic academia, witchy cottage vibes, light academia, and the quintessential English cottage aesthetic. Beyond their initial inspiration, these versatile brushes transcend creative boundaries, making them ideal for a variety of printable DIY projects, including stencils. Whether you're venturing into scrapbooking, digital planners, clothing designs, greeting cards, or any artistic endeavor, these brushes effortlessly adapt to your vision.

Enhance your creative repertoire with the four garland brushes nestled within this pack, perfect for adding delicate accents to your digital art. Layer them to craft intricate wreaths or use them as lettering brushes for a dynamic touch. The rest of the Procreate brush pack consists of an array of charming stamp brushes, each contributing to the expansive canvas of creative possibilities. Explore the included pictures for a sneak peek at the items within this curated collection, and heighten your digital artistry with brushes designed to inspire and empower your creative journey.

Types of stamps included:

🌹 4 vintage portrait artwork
🌹 4 art print
🌹 4 wood picture frame
🌹 2 wall sculpture
🌹 6 rustic wreath
🌹 4 garland calligraphy brushes
🌹 1 girl
🌹 2 rain boot
🌹 2 sunhat
🌹 2 wheelbarrow
🌹 4 glass jar
🌹 2 barrel
🌹 4 basket
🌹 2 suitcase
🌹 4 tea set
🌹 2 plate sets
🌹 1 watering can
🌹 4 flower bouquet
🌹 1 milk can
🌹 3 honey
🌹 1 strawberry
🌹 2 jars of mushrooms
🌹 2 fruit basket
🌹 1 bread basket
🌹 1 mortar and pestle
🌹 1 lemonade set
🌹 1 cat
🌹 4 potted plant
🌹 4 plant pots
🌹 4 plants
🌹 2 bouquet
🌹 2 hourglass
🌹 4 books
🌹 1 hand sketching
🌹 2 retro phone
🌹 2 gramophone
🌹 2 typewriter
🌹 1 vintage camera
🌹 4 vintage deco silhouette 
🌹 8 decorative plate
🌹 6 candles
🌹 4 chandelier
🌹 4 wall clock
🌹 1 vintage sewing machine
🌹 2 table
🌹 2 plant stand
🌹 2 hutch
🌹 4 sofa/couch
🌹 4 chair

Crafted with precision, each brush in this collection is skillfully designed on a 5000 x 5000 pixel canvas with 375 dpi (13 inches x 13 inches). The careful attention to detail ensures seamless resizing capabilities without compromising on the quality of the brushes. Whether you're venturing into the realm of digital art or creating stunning printables, these brushes offer versatility to bring your creative visions to life with unparalleled clarity and detail.

Please be advised that this listing exclusively offers digital files, and no printed materials are included


🌹 iPad Pro or iPad.
🌹 Apple Pencil.
🌹 Procreate app (latest iOS update require).

These brushes are not pressure sensitive and can be used with third party stylus, Apple Pencil or even your finger. You can change the color, size and opacity of these stamps.


🌹 Upon confirmation of your payment, you will receive a download link.
🌹 Download the file directly from Shopify (Note: The Shopify app does not support downloads; please use Safari on your iPad).
🌹 After downloading, you will receive a zip file. Unzip the file and select the individual .brushset files, which will automatically populate into Procreate.
🌹 Once loaded into Procreate, find the files at the top of the brush menu. Feel free to organize them within your brush list as you wish, and enjoy the creative possibilities!


🌹 Feel free to sell anything you create using my brushes - whether it's art prints, apparel, home goods, phone case designs, or anything else!


🌹 Claiming these files as your own.
🌹 Repackaging or reselling any of these brushes.
🌹 Giving the files/brush-sets away for free.


Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. We appreciate your visit 😊💕

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