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Christian Easter | Procreate Stamp Brushes

Christian Easter | Procreate Stamp Brushes

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This Procreate stamp brush bundle is inspired by Easter and includes 130 unique brushes. There are stamps based on vintage Easter cards, chick stamps, dove stamps, Easter gnomes, Easter labels, lily bouquets, Easter candy and treats, Christian stamps, and so much more. These stamp brushes can be used for printable DIY creations, such as, stencils and wall art. They can be used for scrapbooking, digital planners, digital arts, clothing designs, greeting cards, etc - Anything you can set your mind to 🐇🧺🐰🕇🍬🐣

Types of stamps included:

🌹 4 baskets of eggs
🌹 4 bunnies with friends
🌹 2 dab rabbits
🌹 2 boys in a bunny costume
🌹 2 girls in a bunny costume
🌹 6 vintage Easter people stamps (based on vintage easter cards)
🌹 8 Easter gnomes
🌹 2 vintage Easter chicks (based on vintage easter cards)
🌹 10 chicks
🌹 4 doves
🌹 12 Easter labels/logos
🌹 4 lily stamps
🌹 4 Eucharist cups
🌹 2 bread and fish
🌹 6 breads
🌹 6 cute Easter cupcakes
🌹 6 cute Easter cookies
🌹 12 Easter candy stamps
🌹 10 Jesus stamps
🌹 10 holy hands
🌹 6 bibles
🌹 2 Calvary Hill
🌹 4 cathedrals
🌹 2 churches

All brushes are created using a 5000 x 5000 pixel canvas with 375 dpi (13 inches x 13 inches), which allows the brushes to be easily resizable while maintaining excellent quality. These can be used to create a variety of projects from digital art to printables.


- iPad Pro or iPad
- Apple Pencil
- Procreate app (latest iOS update require)

These brushes are not pressure sensitive and can be used with third party stylus, Apple Pencil or even your finger. You can change the color, size and opacity of these stamps.


• Once your payment is confirmed you will received your download
• Download the file from Shopify (Please note that you are not able to download from the Shopify app, please use Safari on your iPad)
• Once downloaded you will receive a zip file. Once that is unzipped select the individual .brushset files and they will automatically populate into Procreate.
• Once loaded into Procreate the files should appear at the top of the brush menu, move them to where ever you please within your brush list and enjoy!!

** Please note NO printed material is included in this listing, you will get digital files only **



You may sell artwork created using my brushes 🥰


• Claiming these files as your own.
• Repackaging or reselling any of these brushes.
• Giving the files/brush-sets away for free

If you have any questions do not hesitate to send me a message. Thank you for visiting 😊💕

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